Spinalonga island / Elounda / Agios Nikolaos

  • Duration

    Full day

Our first stop on the way to Elounda will be the famous monastery of Selinari. Afterwards, we drive on until we reach the port of Elounda, from where we take the boat to the Spinalonga  Island, a small island with an exceptionally interesting history. The Venetian Fortress, which still stands, was built in 1579 and it protected the entire gulf. After the Turks left, the island became synonymous with human pain. In 1903, Spinalonga developed into a gathering place for lepers from all over Crete. There they waited patiently for death to liberate them.

After Spinalonga, the boat will bring us back to Elounda,  where we have free time for lunch and shopping. Then we drive to Agios Nikolaos  (the so-called Crete’s “St.Tropez”) for a sightseeing tour.