Lassithi Plateau

  • Duration

    Half day

We will start our day with a visit of the Lassithi plateau. The peaks of a range surround the Lassithi plateau, which occupies an area of 2,500 hectares. Thanks to the geological composition of the ground, the plateau retains the rainfall and some 10,000 windmills raise the water from wells to irrigate the plain. All the mills belong to the one-sided type of windmill, which grinds in a standard position, always on the same direction of the wind. We will visit the Dikteon Andron  and enter the cave of Psychro, which is one of the most important cult places of Minoan Crete as it was considered the place, where Zeus (father of all gods) was born!

After the visit of the Cave, we will make a tour around the Lassithi plateau, passing through small Cretan villages, on the way back to the hotel.